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We are a digital solutions development and management team. Our mission is to develop and manage web-based solution that will realize our customers' strategic business development goals. By mastering the latest digital media and information technologies we keep your company ahead of the competition. From Websites to Social Media, and Search Engine Ad Campaigns to Custom Built Online Sales Solutions, we are your partner for sales growth.


Take a peak at a few case studies of Recent Solutions


Client Needs :Increase Real Estate Listings and Sales
iConnected Solutions:Sales Paradigm Shift
Our team created an online marketing, lead generation, and sales solution. Upon conducting our initial Market Study, it was determined that, other than the recent addition of some digital advertising medium, the real estate sales process and cycle hadn't changed in many decades. We created a system that changed the traditional "list and wait" real estate sales process into an "Event-Driven, Time-Certain" marketing program. The iConnected web solution enables real estate brokers to drive excitement in the marketplace that is created from the sales of a property on a specific date, on line. This live and totally transparent sales process creates excitement as prospective buyers watch online from their agent's office as other buyers make offers and create a True Market Value. Combined with our Social Media Training Program, SEO, SEM, Landing Page Creations and complete Program Management, this solution attracts property buyers and sellers in a way that significantly increases brokerage traffic, resulting in increased business above and beyond the traditional Real Estate Sales Model.

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Client Needs :Get My Sales Guys Some Leads
iConnected Solutions:Auto Network USA
Our team created an online interactive classified ad system that enables auto shoppers to search and review motor vehicles that auto dealers are liquidating before that go to a "dealer only Auction". This "Last Chance to Steal a Car" virtual car lot creates a perceived way to get a great car deal. Site visitors are able to not only make offers on each listed vehicles, but they can negotiate "Trade-in values", "Payment Amounts" and other deal criteria that ultimately determine if they will make a purchase. Auto dealers enjoy the ability to communicate with prospective car buyers in ways that traditional media will not allow. Our "Internet Sales Training System" teaches sales people how to convert web-visitors into customers. Combined with our seamless management of this web-solution, all an auto dealer needs to do is find more cars to sell

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Client Needs :I want to Train & Coach More Business Leaders
iConnected Solutions:Online Training & Certification Center… and MORE
Our team created a virtual training classroom where members have access to a library of training modules designed to increase their Leadership Abilities. The online curriculum leads students through a 24 module program that results in the designation of a business being included in the US Chamber of Certified Businesses. This designation is given to business leaders that have committed their organization to conducting business in a way that exudes excellence through superior products, un-paralleled customer service, and a working environment that facilitates personal growth in its employees. … and MORE
Out of this solution birthed the next logical business development—the creation of an online directory that highlights all the organizations that have been certified. The advertising sales r4evenue generated from the sale of premium placement ads beyond the free directory line ads is projected to eclipse many times over the revenue from the original training program. The iConnected Team is continually looking for ways to grow our clients' businesses. We entrepreneurs at heart who thrive on creating businesses and making dreams come true.

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Client Needs :My Company Needs the Best Price on Services, Materials, and Supplies in Order to Stay Competitive.
iConnected Solutions:RFP Bot
Faced with a new challenge, the iConnected Team went into action developing an online procurement solution that would enable our partner to realize the best prices on the services and items their business consumed. RFP Bot .com is an online "Request for Quote/Proposal" system that provides an open bid posting board where suppliers can see the prices and products being offered in real-time. This transparent environment creates a competition among vendors to offer the best prices, highest quality, and most favorable terms in order to win the bid. The solution also enables executives to login and survey the procurement process of each department. This procurement solution will not only produce the best prices, but also reduce the amount of leakages that occur from cronyism

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Client Needs :IT'S YOUR CALL.
iConnected Solutions:
Let the iConnected Team pull your target market down the sales funnel.

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